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10/19/2017 Daniel Ryan Mountain Auto did a great job replacing my muffler and tailpipe and completing the job 30 minutes earlier than promised.
10/13/2017 John Jr Kotas As usual, the team at Mountain Muffler never disappoints and shines whenever possible. Mind you, this is an extremely busy business due to their transparency and professionalism, and they always try to accommodate last minute auto emergencies that may arise! They also have the most knowledgeable and experienced auto mechanics by far in the Heber Valley region!Shout Outs to Mountain Muffler and the team!
10/12/2017 Chic Cartucci Excelent
10/12/2017 Allyn Griffith Everything was perfect and professional!! Bryant is the best mechanic in the area, and it was wonderful seeing the owner- James- there giving sound advice. Thank you very much!
9/20/2017 Rosemarie Milligan I'm always happy with the service here! Kenny knows me and my vehicles and I know he's honest.
9/14/2017 Timothy Ricks Reliable and Reasonable
8/30/2017 Larry Conn I took in my rather ancient vehicle to have some repair to the muffler. Mountain Muffler recommended that the tail pipe be replaced with one of bigger diameter. I thought that was unnecessary but reluctantly agreed. When I picked up my vehicle, Kenny asked me to talk to James about the tail pipe. James explained that the old pipe (which was not the original tail pipe on this vehicle) was too small and that the engine needed the larger pipe to breath. He said the vehicle would perform better. He was right. The vehicle has more acceleration and generally runs better. I am delighted that they talked me into replacing the pipe.
8/26/2017 Mel Warren The best Subaru service I Utah.
8/22/2017 Mike Nordman Quick in and out for 2 belt replacement, without an appointment. Great job!
8/21/2017 Katie Ward Thank you for your great care! I have been happy with all you do to take care of my care and me. Thank you!!